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LaBarra is just another one fast access menu to jump directly to the most used items on your PC. It works in a very simply way: once downloaded, extract to one folder of your choice and run it. You will see a little icon on your system tray, click to show LaBarra. Now, it's time to fill it: drag your files, shortcuts, links and arrange them as desired, right-clicking any item will let you to choose colors and even set titles to create groups.



- if you choose pure black as back color (red=0, green=0, blue=0), the cell will become transparent.

- ok, if you want black itself just change any value to 1, for instance, red=1, green=0, blue=0 will still appear as black


As expected, you can use keyboard to have full access to LaBarra: press F11 (by default, but can be partially customized) and the first character of the item you want to open. If more than one items starts with that character, the selection will cycle across them and Enter for the final choice. Anytime Context Menu key can be pressed instead of your mouse's right button. Copy and paste color attributes with Ctrl+C and Ctrl+V.... F11 or Esc will hide LaBarra again.


Right click on LaBarra tray icon to show/hide, changing dimensions of your menu, and customize its visual appearance, like opacity, background style, text color, etc.


Included file 'language.txt' contains messages, menus and dialog items. To translate into your own language, replace the part to the right of each label with your text:

    ABOUT_TITLE#About                 ABOUT_TITLE#Acerca de

Please pay attention to respect labels or LaBarra will not load. Once done, it is mandatory to save the file in Unicode format.



LaBarra is available under the terms of a Creative Commons LicenseCreative Commons License. If you agree, proceed to download:

IMPORTANT NOTE! LaBarra only works under Windows Vista and Windows 7.

Version 1.02 includes:

some minor bugs fixed


If you like this software, please donate here to help Lorca earthquake victims


32 bits v1.02


64 bits v1.02








Suggestions are welcome at you're reporting errors, please indicate OS version and architecture (x32 o x64).