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Core Affinity Resident


3.01 version, compatible with Windows 8.1 Preview

With the new dual and quad (and more in the future) core processors, Windows allows you to assign one or several cores to almost any application running in your system. But in order to do this, it is necessary:

- first, the application itself being executed

- then, you manually modify the cores assigned to it

This tool is intended to assign automatically a single core or multiple cores to an application by default, without using the 'Task manager' of Windows.

After executing Core Affinity Resident, click the left button on the tray icon, and you will see all applications running in your system that are able to be reassigned to one or more cores (if the list is outdated, click the Refresh button).


Once your target application is selected, its core affinity will be shown. Now proceed to check or uncheck the desired cores and then push 'Save'. Now your software will use only the cores you want to, and will remember your preferences in the future.

In order to use a small percentage of CPU, Core Affinity Resident will look for customized applications only each 10 seconds, so if you set core affinity for an application, when you run it again the core affinity will not be assigned immediately but in a few seconds (always less than 10 seconds).



Core Affinity Resident is available under the terms of a Creative Commons License Creative Commons License. If you agree, choose your version below:


Version 3.01 (Vista or higher)

Download 32 bits or 64 bits, Spanish, English and Italian.

- compatible with Windows 8.1 Preview.
- fixed booting time issue.
- this time main pack additionaly includes Italian translation.


Version 3.00 (Vista or higher)

Download 32 bits or 64 bits version, both with installer and support for Spanish and English (see below for additional languages).
This new version has more enhancements, such as:
- improved process management allows to change properties from processes than previous versions couldn't modify.
- additionaly to affinity, priority can also be set.
- particular control over processes with multiple instances.
- automatic mode to keep your cores balanced; you just have to tell CAR how many cores must assign and it will choose for you.
- list of running processes provides more information for each process, and also displays core loads.
- a install / uninstall utility
- compatible with Vista, Windows 7 and Windows 8.
- to insert an additional language, download it
s file and copy it into <CAR folder>\languages:

    Italian, thanks to Nicola Maglioli


Version 2.03 (XP or higher)

Download 32 bits or 64 bits version, just zip file, only English support.


Suggestions are welcome at If you're reporting errors, please indicate OS version and architecture (x32 o x64).