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Welcome to my small site, where you will find some tools I developed for myself. All of them are freeware, under the terms of a Creative Commons License Creative Commons License. If you have any suggestion, contact me at; please excuse me if I don't replay as soon as would be desirable but my job takes me a lot of time, of course all mails will be read and taken into consideration.



Classic Windows Start Menu

Version 4.08.10 for Windows 10 Technical Preview

Recover for Windows 7 the classic start menu of Windows XP with this tool. Download here.


Version 3.01

Assigns a core affinity (one or several cores) to an specific application, and remembers your selection in the future, so every time you launch your app, core affinity will be automatically aplied. Download here.


It's a fast menu to access your favorite apps, docs or links, just drag and drop them. With the same glass-style from Classic Windows Start Menu. Download here.